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About the Relics Collection™

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"WEARMAX" is a space-age ceramic finish representing a dramatic leap forward in wear resistance technology. The most durable wood floor finish on the planet.

"WEARMAX" is based on the same materials used for the ceramic nose shield protecting NASA shuttle astronauts during their 17,500-mph re-entries.

A thin layer of UV hardened "WEARMAX" finish provides crystal clear protection for your floor preserving the natural beauty unique to genuine hardwood.

With "WEARMAX" advance ceramic finish your floor is wear resistant, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

"WEARMAX" advanced ceramic finish protects and enhances your wood floor in a variety of ways.


"WEARMAX" advanced ceramic finish is UV-hardened, protecting the wood with a perfect medium-gloss, glass-smooth surface.
Dirt & Moisture
Dirt & Moisture

Penetrating "WEARMAX" finish protects against moisture and makes cleaning easy.
Superior Traction
Superior Traction

Microscopic surface textures looks smooth while providing superior traction.

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